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Loan Shield

Our current market interest rates

  • 7.78% p.a
  • 8.36% p.a
  • 8.77% p.a
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Minimum investment order amount is $500. Rates shown are after fees but before the deduction of resident's withholding tax. Rates are indicative only and will depend on bids made and accepted.

Why invest with Squirrel Money?

Great returns

Investors choose their minimum desired interest rate between 7-9% p.a.

Loan Shield

Loan Shield (our reserve fund) helps protect against missed borrower repayments and defaults, provided there are sufficient funds available. 
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Flexibility and control

Investors choose a 2, 3 or 5 year term and our Secondary Market allows you to sell an investment and access your money early. Find out more here.

Easy and convenient

We have a fast, easy, online registration process and a mobile app to manage your ongoing investments.
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Current Reserve Fund balance


Loan Shield - 100% return of scheduled capital and interest repayments to date

Our number one priority is looking after your invested money. One of the main ways we do this is through our reserve fund (Loan Shield) which has ensured that since launching in 2015 we've not missed one repayment to an Investor, not even by a day. Despite our 100% track record to date, we need to be clear that past performance is not a guarantee of the future. 

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Manage your investment anywhere, anytime.

Once you’ve set up your investment entity in our platform, the Squirrel Money app will let you quickly and easily manage your ongoing investments. Manage. View. Stay updated. All of this power in the palm of your hand.

Investing with Squirrel Money

Thinking about investing? Our Investor Booklet has everything you need to know. In here you can read up about how we look after your money and exactly how Loan Shield works, how we carefully select our borrowers, everything you want to know about how peer-to-peer works and how we manage risk. Download your copy now.

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