Why Invest with Squirrel Money?

To make your money work harder so you don't have to. We believe there are a number of great reasons to invest with Squirrel Money and have outlined the key areas below.

Or if you'd prefer a video explaining it to you rather than reading, jump over here to watch JB's 15 minute simple presentation.

Great returns 

Our Investors choose the minimum interest rate they are willing to accept on their investments between a range of 7% and 9% p.a., depending on the investment term. To date, our Investors have earned an average net return of 8.6% p.a. We're pretty proud of these returns and believe them to be hard to beat. 

Loan Shield lowers risk for Investors

To help protect our Investors’ money, we put aside part of a Borrower’s interest payment into a reserve fund held in a separate trust (that we call Loan Shield) which is there to cover the expected credit losses. This essentially means Investors don’t need to actively diversify their investments within the Squirrel Money platform by spreading their money across a number of loans and individually assessing the credit risk of each loan they choose to invest in. It also means that if a Borrower misses a repayment, that repayment should be covered by Loan Shield and as an Investor, you would receive the regular payment you were expecting on time and in full (provided the reserve fund has sufficient funds available). 

Read more about Loan Shield and how it helps to protect your invested funds.

We aim to lend to quality, creditworthy Borrowers 

Our Borrowers are credit assessed prior to approval and allocated a risk grade based on their strength across a range of credit criteria including their capacity to service ongoing loan repayments. Their allocated risk grade will determine the level of reserve levy that is applied to their loan and therefore determine the Borrower’s overall interest rate.

The majority of our loans (circa 85% - 90% in fact) are given to A, B and C grade Borrowers. These Borrowers have strong credit scores, solid credit histories and a record of repaying debt without missing any repayments. They also typically have a strong income and debt servicing capacity and our A and B grade Borrowers are often homeowners or have evidence of other tangible assets (note: these assets are not necessarily used as security against the loan issued). 

Get to know our Borrowers here.

The power to get your money out early - Secondary Market 

We get that sometimes things can change. We provide a Secondary Market which gives Investors the opportunity to seek to sell an investment at any time. In this case, we’d attempt to match your investment with other Investors who are happy with your existing investment terms and are keen to take it on. Please note that the Secondary Market relies on other willing Investors taking up the loans put up for sale. If no willing Investors are available, the original Investor may not be able to transfer their interests in a loan and may be required to remain invested in that loan for its full term. 

For more information on the rules that apply when selling an investment, read our Secondary Market Policy. For details about the fees associated with selling an investment via the Secondary Market, please review the Fees section of our website. 

Manage your investment anywhere, anytime

Once you’ve set up your investment entity in our platform, the Squirrel Money app will let you quickly and easily manage your ongoing investments. Manage. View. Stay updated. All of this power in the palm of your hand.

Download now from either the App Store or Google Play. 

For more information about investing with Squirrel Money download our Investor Booklet. Or watch JB's presentation here.